Signing in the here and now

Signing in the here and now
21 Feb 2022
How can customer loyalty and contemporary employer branding be combined in a product advertising campaign? This is the task solved by XiTrust's new campaign: "Be present" aims at a relaxed approach to presence in times of decentralization and remote working.


Vivid advertising for IT products is a real challenge. They cannot be presented as effectively as cars or fashion. The key to a better understanding are the people behind the product, who developed it, and the customers who use it successfully. The question that first had to be answered in the concept phase of "Be present" was the core of MOXIS. So what is it that actually distinguishes the electronic signature folder beyond its functional diversity, its legal security and its ease of integration?

With the new "Be present" campaign, XiTrust involves customers and employees alike. Large-format portraits give a face to customers and the employees of XiTrust. They are all quoted with their individual approach to the topic of being present. The unique campaign thus builds a bridge from active customer loyalty to contemporary employer branding.


Rest in the present

"MOXIS enables signatures without physical presence and at any individually chosen time," says Mag. Christoph Schomberg, Senior Editor XiTrust, who developed the concept of "Be present". "This means that place and time merge in MOXIS. MOXIS thus stands for presentness." The concept of presentness is an axial principle in Buddhist thought. Schomberg: "The ideal is to leave the past and the future aside and to rest completely focused in the present. With MOXIS, you can actively live this in your daily signature practice. MOXIS stands for presence." To be present means to remain capable of action. Being present also means: reliability in all business processes.


Customers and employees

The campaign is supported in Germany by customers such as BMW and voestalpine in Austria. The basis for this cooperation is the great customer proximity that characterizes XiTrust's corporate culture. In 2021, this found expression in the founding of the Xpert User Board. The forum stands for a constructive exchange between XiTrust and its customers and at the same time offers the valuable opportunity of knowledge exchange within the board, across industry boundaries. The campaign motifs can be seen immediately in the social networks and publications of