XiTrust at a survey high

XiTrust at a survey high
28 Feb 2022
Regular customer surveys are important seismographs for XiTrust's customer relationships. The 2021 survey shows how MOXIS' product quality and friendly consulting expertise shapes customer satisfaction.


The MOXIS e-signature solution itself is the result of continuous customer dialog: The product incorporates innovative development work that has been decisively shaped by individual customer ideas and processes over the years. The 2021 customer survey reveals important trend lines and inspires XiTrust, for its part, to work consistently on further improving support and the product.

"We conduct customer surveys primarily to compare our perceptions with those of our customers," says Marketing Manager Alexandra Nuñez.  "It's not about asking for praise, but about further improving MOXIS with the right adjusting screws." The representatives of the customer companies surveyed come from a wide variety of industries and from all relevant branches within the company, from IT to finance, legal, back office and others. The average age of the respondents is 36 years, and the proportion of female participants who answered XiTrust's questions was 48% in the end. The duration of customer relationships range from less than a year to ten years. Here, the longstanding customers and those added in the past year roughly balance each other out.

At the beginning, we wanted to know how the customers found their way to XiTrust. The result is highly significant: more than half of the respondents became aware of XiTrust's services because of a recommendation from other customers or through partner companies. "This is of course a valuable result for us," says Alexandra Nuñez. "Nothing is more convincing than a satisfied customer." 25% found XiTrust's website through a Google search and subsequently contacted the sales department.


Trend towards the cloud

Characteristic of the IT strategy of XiTrust customers is a marked trend towards the cloud. The on-premises model has lost some of its appeal. Whereas in 2020 more than half of the customers preferred to operate in their own data center, in 2021 this is no longer the case with around 32%. Almost 60% of the survey participants opt for one of the two MOXIS cloud models now and for the future.

A trend that also reflects the increased need for security due to corona restrictions: Preserving the ability to act was naturally at the center of strategic considerations. The figures on product experience correspond with this. Respondents named safety as the most important product experience with 85% agreement, followed by reliability with 70% agreement.


It's not about asking for praise, but about further improving MOXIS with the right adjusting screws.

Alexandra Nuñez, Marketing-Managerin XiTrust


Multilayered product

The survey is divided into "General experiences" with XiTrust, for example in communication, and "Specific product experiences". But this customer survey also shows this above all: The product consists of much more than "just" the MOXIS electronic signature folder. Rather, it is made up of the customers' perceptions of quality, in which friendliness, along with security and process optimization, are given equal weight in the assessment of the overall package. For example, in addition to XiTrust's highly rated consulting competence, friendliness achieved top marks in the survey with 96% approval in customer contact.

We are particularly pleased with the resulting recommendation rate, which is reflected in a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 78!




Valuable suggestions for improvement

In addition to much praise, there were also various suggestions and proposals for improvement from the survey participants. "It was exciting to see that most of them referred specifically to individual MOXIS functions, such as the suggestion to expand the assistance functions in the product," says Alexandra Nuñez. "The fact that there are also critical tones shows us above all: our customers are engaged with MOXIS and have their own, pretty great ideas!"