Spring fever with MOXIS

Spring fever with MOXIS
25 Mar 2022
Antonio "Toni" Rella has been part of the XiTrust development team since 2010. He has therefore accompanied the entire process of MOXIS. As Team Lead, Toni is significantly involved in the development of MOXIS Spring Release 2022.


If anything is certain in the development of IT, it is that nothing is certain. Requirements change, refine, new ideas come along. "When I first started working on e-signature with MOXIS for XiTrust, there was initially only one requirement: to sign electronically, to put a signature on a document," recalls Toni Rella, Team Lead Software Development at XiTrust. "The first big feature, if you want to look at it that way, was the ability to invite someone to sign in MOXIS, digitizing the whole process."

That was in 2014. Since then, a lot has changed in the way the product development sees itself. A large number of new features have turned MOXIS into a comprehensive signature tool that optimizes entire business processes, can be operated in all hosting variants and offers maximum legal security for all signature processes. Meanwhile, the character of the product has changed fundamentally. "Today, the environment, the trappings of the e-signature, have become more important than the signing itself," says Toni Rella. "Our goal is to create features in MOXIS that really help our customers, that allow them to save time and configure efficient processes."


New features: Biometrics and LTV

Among other things, the new release integrates a biometrics function. "With biometric characteristics of the person signing, even simple electronic signatures gain security where previously there was only a company certificate," says Rella. Also coming in Spring Release 2022 is a valuable archiving feature for MOXIS users: Long Term Validation (LTV). This is an important milestone in the MOXIS roadmap, enabling qualified electronically signed documents to be archived for a longer period than before (5 years) without the signature losing its validity.

"Our partner Swisscom has been offering this for a while now, and A-Trust followed suit this year," explains Rella. "With LTV, the authenticity of certified signatures can still be reliably verified twenty years from now - without having to depend on the trust center over and over again. A tremendous simplification." The associated standard is PAdES (PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures), a proprietary signature format. The topic has recently come into sharper focus: many of XiTrust's customers work with partners who basically only accept LTV-enabled signatures.



»Our philosophy is as simple as the product itself. The customer should be able to select exactly the functionalities he needs.«

Antonio Rella, Team Lead Development UI/Tools



Customer input and extension of the form fields

The example thus also represents the customer orientation of XiTrust development. "We get a lot of the inspiration for MOXIS from our customers," says Rella. The underlying consideration: The more individual processes that can be realized with MOXIS, the faster our customers can start their daily work with their very own MOXIS environment without having to wait a long time for adjustments. "Our philosophy is as simple as the product itself," explains Rella. "The customer should be able to select exactly the functionalities he needs."

A comprehensive further development of Form Fields intelligently complements the range of MOXIS features with Spring Release 2022: Documents to be signed are created directly in MOXIS with the Form Fields and can also be designed where PDFs were previously uploaded for signing. Thus, the Form Fields are an extension of the placeholder principle in MOXIS, where the signing fields are dragged and dropped to the desired position in the document.



Rella and his team are constantly working on improvements that increase process accuracy through automation. Many of the innovations in the Spring Release are revealed "en passant". "We have packed a lot of smaller improvements into the product," says Toni Rella. For example, the once again improved integration capability in already existing content management systems: Documents to be signed automatically land in the MOXIS signature folder from there and go to the signatory just as automatically without an intermediate step. The signed document ends up back in the signature folder without the client having to download it separately.

In this way, MOXIS integrates seamlessly into the infrastructure of the customer's system. It is precisely these smaller improvements that make it exciting for experienced developers like Toni Rella. "Steps like these have made the product gradually better and better over the past few years," says Rella. "And that excites me as it did on day one."



The MOXIS Spring Release 2022 is available for you from April 20!

On April 12, XiTrust CTO Gerhard Fließ will present the most important innovations of MOXIS Spring Release 2022 in an online MeetUp. Register now - we look forward to your participation!

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