With MOXIS through the vaccination line

With MOXIS through the vaccination line
05 Oct 2021
The versatility of MOXIS is demonstrated in its use for the health management of the BMW Group. The automotive group uses the eSignature platform in its internal COVID-19 vaccination programme at its headquarters in Munich. The aim is to finally avoid the cross-media conversion that had also characterised the digital patient file so far.


Portrait von Dr. Dietrich Otto

The BMW Group's health management sees itself as a partner to its employees. At the BMW Research and Innovation Centre in Munich, it is the employees who benefit from the services of the company's medical department in many ways. "In modern health management, prevention is the central task," says Dr. Dietrich Otto, Head of BMW Group Health Management in Munich (see photo right).

The team's work goes far beyond the company's boundaries: "In occupational health management, we also reach people who rarely go to the doctor, or only when there is no other way." This includes everything from the ergonomically thought-out design of age-appropriate workplaces in times of demographic change to nutritional counselling and psychological offers. "We see our essential task as supporting our employees in leading a healthy lifestyle," Dr. Otto explains.


Travel vaccinations

For some time now, health management has also been using MOXIS in the field of prevention, namely in the company's internal vaccination programme. "We started one and a half years ago with the goal of converting analogue signature processes into digital ones for vaccination consent forms," state Dr Otto. The digital patient file was still characterised by various media breaks caused by printing, signing and scanning again. Dr Otto: "A lot of paper was produced because the patient and the doctor signed by hand. Then it was scanned and finally dragged and dropped into the file. This process was cumbersome and time-consuming."


Game changer COVID-19

At the beginning of the project, the focus was on compulsory and optional preventive care for business travellers and expats. "Then COVID-19 slowed us down," says Otto, who holds a doctorate in medicine. From one day to the next, almost all foreign trips were cancelled, except for business-critical business trips, and the vaccination programme with the support of the electronic signature by MOXIS was suddenly on hold. At the same time, MOXIS was used in the temporary employment management of the BMW Group in Munich and ensured the ability to act in the management of employment contracts, especially in times of lockdown and remote work. Health management was therefore already well acquainted with MOXIS and developed the idea of using the eSignature solution in the company's internal COVID-19 vaccination programme: an internal roll-out facilitated by the already established IT infrastructure for electronic signatures.


Signing on the iPad

First, MOXIS was integrated into the occupational health software CGM ISIS MED via an interface. In parallel, the vaccination line was equipped with iPads. Due to the mass of signatures, a low-threshold solution was required, which was found with MEQA (MOXIS External QuickSign Application) for external signers.

The consent form can be signed electronically on site in the vaccination line during the patient consultation: The attending physician uploads the consent form on the iPad. Then, after scanning the QR code, it can be signed on the mobile device. From here, the document reaches the health management system as a signed PDF. "An absolutely secure procedure – error-free and easy to use," concludes Dr. Otto. "With this solution, we can have the document signed directly at the vaccination and have all documents immediately available in compliance with the GDPR. The use of MOXIS has significantly supported BMW Health Management in the implementation of the vaccination campaign!"